All About Attitude

Something has risen up in a profoundly powerful way post-divorce. Suddenly I’m wide awake and every sexual encounter feels like water.

I am thirsty.

Here’s a confession: I’m really pretty but I don’t have the best body. I mean, I have all the essential qualities that make me attractive (tits and ass, to be exact). What I’ve found really fascinating during this post-divorce dating world however is how little (most) men seem to care about the other things – like a little belly or untoned arms and thighs.

When it’s about sex, it’s about fire and lust and craving. It’s about how it feels and seems in the moment. Certain insecurities have no place in the bedroom (or on the kitchen floor).

Insecurity could have the power to starve me of passion and pleasure.
But I am famished.

Thanks to the ex for a decade of deprivation – desire outweighs diffidence.

It’s all about attitude.


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