Single Parenting & Straddling Worlds


I am mom.
I am life and food and warmth and role-model. I am comfort and teacher and boo-boo kisser. I am mother AND father and friend. I am “the name of god on the lips and hearts’ of two young children.”

I am bread-winner.
I market and sell and coordinate. I lead and follow and provide money and insurance and shelter and clothes. I plan for rainy days. I am piano lessons, educational trips, mind-blowing vacations, college aspirations. I am the future potential.

I am co-worker.
I work well with others and bring in donuts. I act like I care about my partner’s dogs and am professional with the office bitch. I dress for success and suck it up when I’m disrespected by the ego-driven men. I pull my own weight. I play nice and I build teams.

I am friend.
I am daughter and sister and cousin and aunt. I remember birthdays and follow up with circumstantial mishaps. I ask for forgiveness and listen and share. I send cards and call and care. I love and am loved and make reservations for special events. I cry when a friend is in pain. I give of myself and get in return.

I am party girl.
I drink and smoke and laugh and sing. I talk and flirt and dance and hug. I gossip and giggle and try not to judge. I create friends from strangers and coordinate events. I cheers to the toasts and steer the discussion toward fun. I fake it until I make it; I put on the make-up.

I am all things to all people so that I may attain sanity.
I am exhausted.


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